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Hosting Services

We have our own server on a dedicated T1 line in the USA. The server is state-of-the-art hardware and software, running sophisticated web servers. We provide sophisticated publishing rights to our clients to enable them to update/modify their own web sites, much more advanced than ftp because of our superior web server/OS combination. Additional services such as weekly/monthly Access reports/analysis are also available. (check our pricing)

Administration Services

Some sites are dynamic in nature and require updations on regular frequency, a newspaper site is a typical example. We undertake entire site management for such sites and provide regular updates. This also includes order forms processing, email processing and administration, etc.Top of Page

Designing / Development Services

We offer services for developing high end web applications like order forms, chat, validated forms, database connectivity, shopping cart etc. We have in-house expertise in HTML, JavaScript, Java, Active X, Active Server Pages, Intrabuilder, JBuilder, VJ++, Visual Interdev and Macromedia Flash. We have a dedicated software development team, JT Software, which specializes in developing browser enabled software solutions.(check our pricing)

Domain Name Registration Services

We can search, confirm and register domain name with InterNIC. InterNIC is based in the USA and is the standard agency that registers and maintains Domain Names worldwide. Once it is confirmed that a particular Domain Name required by the client is available (i.e. not registered earlier by  another party ), we can register the Domain name which would be valid for 2 years initially, after which it needs to be renewed.(check our pricing)

Systems Integration

Specializing in networking solutions, our subsidiary, Quality Utilities we provide all hardware services related to Internet and/or Intranets, right from Systems Analysis & Design, Supply, Installation and Deploying /Configuration, Maintenance, Internet connectivity, Modems etc.Top of Page

Types of Hosting Services


Your Own Domain
( (
Also known as Virtual domains, they reflect your company name uniquely. Your web address will be Such a unique URL address positions your company in the web world appropriately. You  will also have unique email IDs such as, etc. In other  words, you will own a virtual server.

Along with the virtual server, we can offer web publishing services too, so that you can update your web pages.

Will include 5 POP3 email boxes and unlimited email aliases. Further unique email IDs available at extra charges. A monthly access report, detailing domain names from where access requests came, summary of data transferred, etc will be generated.

Other special services like regular updates etc are available at extra charges.
Mall Type Domain Hosting
(      (
Your web address will be Domain name registration with InterNIC is not  required. Typical users for this type of domain are individuals or companies that do not need name recognition or  whose name does not lend itself to having world wide recognition.

Will include 1 email box in the style above. Your emails can be  automatically forwarded to your POP3 account (VSNL account) or any other email box.

Co-located Domains
If you are a high volume user or expect very heavy traffic, we have a co-location option available, where we can put up  your web server on our LAN and have your computer or computers dedicated to your web site.

Typical users are companies who need: