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A Journey to Jerusalem by Parumala Thirumeni  

            He describes every scene in Jerusalem. There is an elaborate account of the Upper Room in zoin. It was in this Upper Room that their lord had instituted the Holy Qurbana. The author who went around the big building called :”Kyomtjho” (Resurrection) which houses the Holy Sepulchre of our Lord, giversd a very peeticalo description of the tent like structre thus:

Seeing its curved doors, golden handiworks and embellishments , one may wonder whether this is the very heaven! What is seen here is the symbol of architectural embelishments and beauty, accomplished by pious and devoted emperors, from time to time. Your eyes are dazzled when you look late at the rows of hanging lamps made of pure gold and silver, hung by chains of gold land silver and burning light and day would outshine the beams of the sun.

            The author also visited the place where the Lord taught this disciples the prayer, “our Father....:. Our Lord sat on a rock land taught this prayer. The Lord’s prayer is inscribed in l30 languages at this place. The author lis proud to say that one of these is in Malayalam, but the inscription says lit lis “Sanskrit”. Here malayalam words are inscribed in English script

The author narrates the worship services during the Passion Week in the land trodden by our Lord. The saying that “a literary works an experience” is proven by this book.

            This book pours into the mind of the reader the experience of the “New Fire”. One who has read the Oorslem Yathra Vivaranam could never possible forget the experience of the “New Fire”. And that exactly is the key to the success of this work. 

            Thirumeni wrote this book to ignite the “New Fire” in the minds of the people of Kerala. The aim of his work is to transfigure the readers. As a writer, Parumala Thirumeni introduced in Malayalam literature the philosophy of ‘transfiguration’.

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