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23, Anjuman Complex, Sadar, Nagpur-440 001.

Phone No.: 91-712-527332 Fax No.: 91-712-543976. 

At Lantern, we have housed various types of aesthetically designed chandeliers, wall hangings,table lamps, gate lamps, rock lights, ceiling lights, halogen, pedestal lamps, cibceaked fittings, mirror lights, spot lights, p.l. & all Electrical fittings. All types of gift articles & cooler products. These are masterpieces carefully chosen for the conneisures like you. You will be spellbound by its superb craftmanship & aesthetic looks Material like brass, glass, acrylic & marble are of optimum quality & have been procured from the traditional centers like Moradabad, Firozabad, Aligarh & Delhi, Most importantly theseproducts are priced reasonably to suit your pocket. Your interior is incomplete without these masterpieces. Have 20% discount on cash payment.

Email : for more information.

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