The Hitavada City-Line Page No.: 3 Christmas on Internet NAGPUR, Momday December 25, 2000 Hanuman Nagar based JT Software has created a special site for Christmas on Internet for the net surfers. The net surfers can get a glimpse of the Santa Claus and can listen Christmas carols. Those who are interested to know about Christmas may visit Web Site Jacob Thomson Rajiv Agrawal T.V.Rao;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; VIDESH SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED WELCOME TO VSNL INTERNET ACCESS SERVICE UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS PROHIBITED ------------------------------- Select options by no. : H. Help - List of commands on UNIX Prompt 0. Logout - Logout of the system 1. E-mail - Electronic mail service 2. FTP - File Transfer service 3. Telnet - Log on to another system 4. Lynx - World Wide Web browser (WWW) 5. Chat - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) 7. New Password - Change your password 8. Zmodem download - Download files thru ZModem 9. Zmodem upload - Upload files thru Zmodem 10. UNIX Prompt - Exit to UNIX prompt Your Selection : 4 _________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Wonder of Internet [INLINE] User Manual [INLINE] Search the Net [INLINE] Internet tools [INLINE] News Archive [INLINE] Travel India & The World [INLINE] Know your Habitat [INLINE] Sports World [INLINE] Technical World [INLINE] Public news servers [INLINE] mail to about the lynx set-up & some Here are the few search engines, which you can use for surfing the Net. _________________________________________________________________ * Dogpile * Yahoo * AltaVista * Hotbot * Lycos * Khoj * Excite * NlightN * Webcrawler * Infoseek * WAIS _________________________________________________________________ AltaVista Search Service Ask AltaVistaTM a question. Or enter a few words in [any language] JTSoftware/Nagpur_________________________________ (*)search ( )refine Submit Search - Advanced - Usenet AltaVista found 1 Web pages for you. JTSoftware/Nagpur Official company or product home page by RealName (sm). 1. VANDEMATHRAM - JT Software, Nagpur, India. This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. URL: Last modified 12-Aug-98 - page size 709 bytes - in English [ Translate ] HTTP request sent; waiting for response. Arrow keys: Up and Down to move. Right to follow a link; Left to go back. H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list Friends! Here are a few tools to be exploited for your browsing needs __________________________________________________________________________
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