Saint George is our Patron Saint, a Dragon Slayer and man who's life deeds were deemed to be such, that a higher force, only God Himself could have ordained... Saint George was Patron Saint of England in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. His lore of valor against adversity, and protection of the Christians in a determined stand against tyranny and repression sat well with the ideal of the Crusades, Jihad and Holy Wars that would come to pass... The Liberation of the Holy Lands was a priority to the Realm in the days of the Crusades and England's spin-doctors adopted the icon of Saint George, Dragon Slayer, Liberator of the Oppressed and gave him a National Flag, that is, the Red Cross and a song, Onward Christian Soldiers...

He was to become the Patron Saint of all the world Although it is in English folklore that Saint George slew the mighty dragon in England to which end, two places are named, that of Dragon Hill near Uffington, Oxfordshire, and Lower Stanks, a field outside Hereford...

But, in reality, it is thought that St. George came from Cappadocia in Asia Minor, lived at the time of the Roman Emperor, Diocletian, AD 245 to 313 and never actually graced Isle England. He became a high ranking cavalry officer in the Army of Rome but refused to carry out Diocletian's orders for Christian persecution and, in consequence, suffered torture and met death himself. He was canonized in AD 494, Pope Gelasius proclaiming him one of those "whose names are justly revered among men but whose acts are known only to God".

The legend of St. George, which is an allegory illustrating the triumph of good over evil, tells how he emerged victorious over persecution to the utter dismay of his oppressor.

A cult figure in both the Middle East and England, many wonderful tales of his deeds (including the famous dragon slaying incident) remain part of our lore. George is said to have undergone seven years of daily torture, but emerged unscathed. To be patron saint of the faithful.

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