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What is WAP?
WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. This is a global application that allows mobile users to access and interact with information and services such as stock market news and sport headlines, as well as weather updates. Soon, on-line banking, shopping and email will be possible via the mobile phone.

How does it work?
WAP mobile phone software, known as a micro-browser, allows access to the Internet. This will read web pages written in WML (Wireless Mark-up Language). Web Pages in WML are text only and are designed to be viewed on a small screen. WAP brings together new technologies like WML and WML script with other internet technologies such as XML,UDP and IP. It allows for navigation, data input, hyper-links, images and forms as in traditional computer access to the Web. If you want to know more about the technical side of WAP have a look at

Why should I go for WAP?
Despite the high usage of desktop computers for internet access, wireless computing still scores over traditional computers for Web access for its simplicity and mobile nature. It will be useful for users who wish to keep themselves updated with the latest information on the click of a button.

What type of devices will be required for using WAP?
Handheld digital wireless devices such as mobile phones, pagers, two-way radios, smart phones and communicators can be used for accessing WAP. In short you need to have a WAP enabled mobile. At present Nokia 7110 and Ericsson R 380 are the WAP phones available in India.

What is the future of WAP?
WAP is intended to offer a global application development platform for services, irrespective of terminal manufacturer or the wireless network being used. It will provide users with many new interactive services such as banking, stock market news, weather information, entertainment services and much more. All within reach of small-screen wireless terminals.

WAP is designed to be used in all mobile networks. Operators will be able to put their own services directly into the terminals. Typical end-user applications might include management of personal telephone profiles, handling of voice, fax and e-mail messages and on-line services for restaurant and taxi booking services and e-broking shortly.At the moment WAP phones are limited by a data transfer rate of 9.6kbps but GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is expected to launch in the next 6 - 12 months. This will increase data transfer rates to 40.2kbps, which is about the same download speed you can expect on an average landline. Higher data transfer rates mean that GPRS will be able to support streaming audio and video. Mobile phones with built-in camcorders will mean you can send real-time postcards and video footage over the Internet.The global GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) market is now beginning to take off.

With the capability to charge per data bit sent and received, customers will be able to pay only for usage. GPRS will offer a tenfold increase in data throughput rates, from 9.6kbit/s to 115kbit/s. Using a packet data service, subscribers are always connected and always on line so services will be easy and quick to access.

Is it secure to do transactions on the WAP?
Yes!!! The transactions done by the WAP users are completely secure as it has an in-built WTLS (Wireless Transaction Layer Security) protocol.

What is the difference between WAP and SMS (short messaging services)?
WAP give an interactive interface between the mobile user and Internet, which is not the case with SMS, Where only data retrieval is possible.

What India Infoline has to offer in the WAP arena?
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a Protocol that helps display Web content in Mobile Phones, which are the easiest and most accessible device for getting online information. Our site gives live information on the share market, Foreign exchange rates, News headlines, Key Indices, Investment tips, Company Quotes and lots more information.

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