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A Journey to Jerusalem by Parumala Thirumeni  

         Kandathil Varghese Mappilai  wrote in the “Malayala Manorama” as follows. 

            “It is an accepted fact that even during his life time, Metropolitan Mar Gregorios was radiant among the Christians of this country like the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed or like the compact volume of Gospel containing the major teachings of our Lord.  The memory of this just and saintly person, who passed out of this life in this stature, no doubt, will live longer in the minds of the Christians of Malankara, than is possible with the aid of his pictures of marbles statues”. 

            Even though  Parumala Thirumeni was more interested in the Syriac language, he has other literary works in Malayalam to his credit.  In the same way he gave a strong leadership for spreading English education in Kerala.  Before he passed away on 2nd November 1902 at the age of 54, he founded an English school in Thiruvalla and that school is the present M.G.M. High School.

Thirumeni was interested not only in spiritual matters but even in the political situation of the country.  It was he who presided over the Counter Malayali Memorial Meeting held at Alapuzha in 1891.  This is recorded in Robin Jeffrey’s book “The decline of the Nair Supremacy”.  “Malayali Memorial” was a movement against giving special and more representation in Government Services to Tamil Brahmins.  The Nair community and the Syrian Christians had adopted and united stand in this movement.  Curiously enough Thirumeni had opted for a different line of approach to this issue. Similarly he worked for the uplift of the down trodden.

Parumala Thirumeni is the first saint to be canonized in all the Christian Churches in India.  He had dispensed spiritual blessings to many through prayers, and attracted many towards the radiance of God, during his lifetime.   Throughout his years, he had led a life becoming of a great saint.

            Saintly persons, even while they are alive exhibit divine actions and qualities that transcend this world.  Their influence is evident even after their passing out of this world.  Their characters and activities gain this quality from their strong affinity to the divine power. 

            Again, the traditional faith and conceptions among the common people also bear witness to an acknowledge the rare qualities of the saint.  Even without the official recognition by organised religion, the common people revere the holy powers of an individual, alive or dead, by sheer inspiration. 

            Saints have a special status in the presence of God.  It is believed that the saints who have attained the presence of God do pray for humans living on earth.  For the faithful, Parumala Thirumeni is the mediator who leads them to the grandeur of God’s presence.  “Oorslem Yathra Vivaranam” is a prayer by the mediator.

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