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A Journey to Jerusalem by Parumala Thirumeni  

 It is the duty of the writer to intercede.  He prays and intercedes for the society and the individuals.  He must stand up for values and principles of life.  His words transform readers to a realization of the values of life.  Words are holy.  In the beginning  only “Word” was there.  The Word was with God.  We are reminded of this by the traveller’s words of Parumala Thirumeni in Oorslem Yathra Vivaranam. 

Parumala Thirumeni considered travel-literature as the perfection of things seen.  It was his intention that the author’s love for the universe and his humanity must be revealed through this.  Those western critics who attempted to define a ‘travelogue’ do not come up to Parumala Thirumeni’s poetical concept.  Mary Kingsley once said, “No one expects literature in a book of travel”.  Thirumeni’s view is different.  For him literary grandeur is inevitable for the completion and perfection of sight.  This travelogue provides the taste of the perfection of eyesight

                                Excerpts From

                                                            'A Journey To Jerusalem'

                                                                         by Parumala Thirumeni

                                                              English Version Edited By

                                                                   Mr.Paul Manalil  (Chief Sub Editor "Malayala Manorama")


A Journey To Jerusalem  (Page-96)

Price: Rs. 50/- ,   Published By

Christain Sahithya Samithy(C S S)





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